Party Animals


So you have been looking for another amazing multiplayer game to continue social distancing, but without losing contact with your friends and the outer world? Here you go then! We have something really special for you. This is the game called Party Animals, the most adorable battle royale game you have ever seen. If you value competition as much as you love fuzzy puppies and cute kittens, then this game is something you have been looking for. Cannot wait to learn more? Then read on and hurry up to start playing it right now – it is free and absolutely unlimited. Do you already know which furry character is your favorite one? Take a look at them and pick the one you like the most, be it a corgi puppy or a furry kitty. Or even a small dinosaur!

Created by a Chinese company called Recreate Games, the authors of a well-known game Gang Beasts, this game is something you should pay attention to. By the way, if you have already discovered their previous masterpiece, then you will be happy to know that Party Animals is pretty similar to Gang Beasts, only a thousand times cuter. Here you will find numerous cartoonish animals who will kick and punch each other to get the reward – a huge gummy bear. The game can be played in both regimes – online and offline. It is extremely popular even though pretty fresh, so we bet that these cute wrestling animals will steal your heart as they did to thousands of other gamers.
The general format of the game is a multiplayer and a battle royale. We know that you must have played numerous battle royale games already, but this one is something really unique. You won’t have to shoot or murder any ninjas or soldiers of the opposing squad here. No-no! This game includes no violence, no blood, and no cruel scenes. Only fluffiness, cuteness, and sweets! Enjoy the most recreational title ever existed and see clumsy cats and dogs fooling around on the screen. This is a real pleasure considering the very special and funny physical system and the way they look. Have fun! You will fight for the marmalade bear, try to push one another from a plane, boat, and scene. There are numerous ways to beat your rivals down – the game includes 100+ creative variants of struggling. And there are various weapons to choose from! Enjoy the game – it is free, unblocked, and full! If you have already tried the demo version and liked it – the time has come to move to a complete one. Show your superiority on the battlefield!