Party Animals 3


Have you been waiting for this to happen? Oh my, this is it! The third part of Party Animals, one of the best multiplayers of the last decade and definitely the cutest battle royale ever launched. You are welcome to enjoy rich content, supplemented by new features, characters, and maps. The idea of the game stays the same – you and other furry guys, party animals, are here to fight and win. The only one of you will stay standing when the battle ends! However, even though this may sound a bit pompous, the game is funny and bright. It is cartoonish and adorable, where the clumsy characters push and smash each other, fighting for something sweet or just to take place somewhere.

Of course, the developers will gladden you with a bunch of new amazing heroes – cute, fluffy, and super-funny. There are new doggies, new kitties, and dinosaurs to play with. You will become one of these amazing creatures and enjoy the multiplayer. There are new locations and as such – new types of competitions to take part in. These competitions include various battles for “survival” and proving your superiority. Whether the gummy bear is at stake or you are travelling by boat that is too small for all of you, the competition will make you amazed. Enter the game and choose your character, then you will have a chance to pick the format (for one player or a team), as well as the location to discover. Feel free to pick all the game elements on your own, from the environment and characters, to the type of competition you would like to join.
The game shows a new and fresh angle of a battle royale game. Unlike most of the other titles united under this genre, this one excludes any shooting, bloody scenes, and cruelty. While the heroes do compete with one another and wrestle on the arena to win, they are all pretty soft and fluffy, so you can pretty assured that “nobody gets hurt.” The game open for all dear visitors of our website. It is free, unblocked, and includes full content. What is more, it is an online version, which means that you just don’t have to download and install it to your computer. Click the button and find yourself in the bright and incredible world where the party of animals never stops. Prove that you are the best and strongest party animal here! Hurry up, jump into the game today, and don’t forget to call your buddies – they will be glad to join!