Party Animals Steam


Initially launched on Steam, Party Animals is at your disposal. This is the full and first version of the game that appeared on the web not so long ago. While the title is pretty fresh, it is already extremely popular. Party Animals is taking the world by storm from the very first days of release and you are welcome to play it right here and right now – absolutely for free, with no blocks, restrictions, and necessity to download. The game will transfer you to the fantastic world of funny animals who live in the constant opposition – everyone against everyone. They are here to compete and fight at numerous different locations and only the most skillful and strong one will become the winner. Will this be you?

To start playing the game and partying with cute animals, you should pick the character from a really huge collection. The developers did their best to create and present numerous adorable characters of different types. Here you will find your favorite animals, no matter which preferences you have, even if you prefer beavers over corgis. After all, both options are available and there are dozens of them to pick from. Not only you can choose the character you like the most, but also you are welcome to decide which map will become your battlefield. The type of competition is also available for choice. There are numerous adventures to take part in, from a battle royale for a gummy bear to plane flight high in the sky. The game is rich for bright content, has amazing visuals, and impressive gameplay that is extremely convenient and simple. Maybe, the main feature here is the system of movements – physics are really realistic. The realism combines with the cartoonish funny ragdoll-like heroes in a very nice manner. The contrast is delightful!
Join the game and play it in any regime you prefer. Whether you like playing on your own standing against the crowd of opponents or you would rather unite in a pair/team with your buddies to deal with the enemies collectively – the choice is yours. Have fun and try both! The multiplayer gathers hundreds of gamers from all over the globe and you are welcome to join. Everybody is invited to a party, so don’t be shy and roll in!