Party Animals Mobile


Stay in a battle with furry animals all the time! Party hard and have fun in a mobile version of amazing game called Party Animals! This is your amazing chance to compete with your friends or users from the server in many different ways. The game includes various regimes and all of them are included in the mobile version, as well as the collection of characters and cool weapons. Now the whole party and a huge pack of cute battling animals are in your pocket!

The game starts when you pick a character and choose the map to play on. The maps vary – different locations are at your disposal and they decide the way of competition. You can choose any of the creatures presented on the first stage of the game. This might be a dog, cat, bear, bunny, dragon, and more. Each of them looks nice and they are unique! The animals move in a funny manner – they are clumsy and cute, reminding of the stuffed toys. However, when they appear on the battlefield, these guys can go furious and really mad! The formats of battles vary from simple pushing one another out of the playing field to flying on the plane. In each game, you have to complete one task – defeating everyone around you as fast as you can before they defeat you. This can be done solo – on your own, against all the others – or in a team of two and more players. Teamwork is appreciated, so have a plan and know the weak spots of your enemies!
We have prepared a perfectly-adapted mobile version of the title for you. This game has no restrictions, even though the screen is small. The controls are convenient and the gameplay is smooth and simple. You can do the same tricks as you did in the original version! No limits for your imagination and inventiveness! And here comes the best part – as all the other games on this platform, this one is absolutely free. What is more, there is no need to download it to your phone or tablet and overload the memory of your device. The game is available in the online regime – press the “Play” button and let the struggle begin! Have fun in Party Animals – now in your mobile devices!