Party Animals Demo


Finally, the demo version of an amazing game that has all chances to become a real hit of the last decade is at your disposal! This is a smaller version of the game Party Animals, the one that is already taking the Internet by storm. Become the first of your friends to play it – launch the game online right now and enjoy the battles with amazing cute animals, ready for everything when the marmalade is at stake. Yes, all of the cuties that you see on the screen go absolutely insane when someone puts his paws on the sweets. They start being really mad and hit anyone who wants to eat their tasty meal!

Even though the demo version is small and short, it does show you the full picture if Party Animals. You will see all available avatars and choose the one you like most. There are different adorable creatures to play for, including puppies and kittens, dragons and bunnies, and many more. You are welcome to choose one of them and start playing the demo version now – they will fight, jump, and wrestle like ragdolls. You will find the game physics astonishing for sure! Check this version before moving to the full one. We bet that you will like both! This one will show all the potential of the game and you will see if it interests you. However, we have no doubts that you will rush launching the full version right after you spend a couple of minutes with Party Animals. Don’t let the party stop – enter the game now, pick your favorite character, and get ready for a furry battle royale now!