Party Animals 2020


What time is it now? It’s time for a party! Will you join? Well, of course, because everyone is invited. However, this is not just an ordinary party, but a party of animals. They are cute, fuzzy, and nice, but only when nobody wants to take their candies away. In case other animals appear and put their paws on the marmalade, our heroes cannot keep their anger and start fighting, kicking, and defending their most favorite food. Yes, they believe that sharing marmalade is not an option, so they will stand till the last breath in order to save it for themselves. This is how the massive furry battle royale starts.

The game was created and launched in 2020. This is a fresh title that uses all the latest advanced technologies when it comes to graphics and physics. The animals here move like ragdolls – they are funny and a bit cloddish, which makes them even more adorable. The amount of playable creatures is really stunning. From dogs and cats to dragons, you will find your most favorite creature in the list for sure. What is more, there are different types of the same animals here – like various species of dogs and cats, dinosaurs of different colors, and more. This means that if you appear on the server, where there are thousands of cat lovers, you will distinguish yourself from one another – since you will have a different color of fur. Or not – this adds even more humor and ridiculousness to this incredibly adorable game.
Not only you find a huge collection of animals here. The game content is so rich, even though the format seems rather simple. Your animals will have 100+ various ways to beat each other and freak around. To do it, not only they will join numerous games and competitions, but also get access to various weapons and tools. The game allows you to choose a creature, pick the weapon (be it a bat, stick, or tennis racket), and decide which type of competition on which map you will take part in. The game includes different regimes, but the multiplayer is definitely the best one.