The funniest and furriest multiplayer ever existed surely is this one – Party Animals! Are you a party animal? Well, we ask literally! When you join the game, you will see what these words actually mean. Being a party animal has nothing in common with dancing the whole night and drinking. It’s about going crazy in a very different way – fighting with your furry friends for a huge and sweet gummy bear. Are you ready for something as bizarre as that? Well, we bet that you won’t be able to leave your computer once the game is launched. Have fun with animals – Party Animals!

The multiplayer version of the game is a massive battle royale, where you and numerous other cats, dogs, and other furry guys, meet each other on the arena. There are different types of arenas here and they are connected with various tasks to complete and formats to follow. From classical pulling-your-opponent-out-of-the-stage to war of tug, where the tug is actually a giant gummy bear, everything is possible in Party Animals. We bet that no matter which map and competition type you pick, you will have really great time. The multiplayer version of the game allows you to enter the server on your own and compete against people online. There will be a huge crowd of you, funny and clumsy furry guys, where each one stands for himself/herself. Also, you are welcome to make the playing process even funnier – invite your buddies and arrange a team. When you unite, beating and tricking your opponents becomes even more interesting and enjoyable! Try now and see it yourself.
The cooperation is everything, when you enter the multiplayer regime of Party Animals. You and your friends can group and work as a team to complete the tasks better than the opposing team. Your mission is to beat them all down and make them leave the stage and give all the marmalade to you! If you lose, well, then you will never see that delicious, sweet, and balmy piece of dessert. Be very attentive and try to work together when you play as a team. Make traps for your opponents, trick them, fool them, and move to the victory no matter what. We bet that you will find the playing process pleasing and entertaining. Have fun and enjoy the free multiplayer of Party Animals game!