Do you want to make your Party Animals game even more amazing than ever? We know how to do that. Just use some cheats and get access to additional features and cool opportunities. Well, some will say that cheating in games, especially when they include multiplayer versions, is not very nice. Indeed, you make the other gamers unequal to you, when you activate cheats. However, if you want to give it just a small try or trick your friends when you start playing together – there is nothing to be ashamed of! Please, make sure that you use cheats as possible.

The cheats are great because they open new features to you. And in case all of your competitors that join the game along with you are going to use them as well, then there is nothing wrong with it. Right? So, the cheats add new abilities to the characters you play for. This might be extra speed, invincibility, heavier kicks, and more! If you want to win all the battles and the victory seems more important to you than the process itself, then you are welcome to try the cheats and arrange yourself a real God mode. You will become the strongest on the arena, the one that cannot be beaten in any way. The other players will get surprised by your amazing skills and stamina!
Be very careful if you want to use cheats on the public server, when you choose the multiplayer version of the game. Most server don’t support cheats and you might get banned for activating them. If you are not sure that the chosen server doesn’t track cheating, then you should avoid using them when you play. In any case, have fun with Party Animals, whether you prefer playing with cheats or not! The game is an impressive and extremely bright cartoon-like adventure, where you are going to meet adorable animals of all kinds. They are funny and ready to wrestle for tasty food, namely – sweets and jelly bears. The game is one of the best multiplayers ever existed, free from violence and blood, where only fuzzy creatures are fighting clumsily for their right to eat more marmalade. Don’t you find this idyllic and just beautiful?